Max Giesinger: With this song he encourages!

Cohesion among people has never been more important than at this moment. What we would have considered impossible a few weeks ago has become a reality. This situation has never been seen before and above all creates a feeling of insecurity and fear. But we are not alone in this situation, we are all. Every one of us. And only as a whole are we strong now.

When Max Giesinger released his new single (originally "Never better than now") in February 2020, the situation was different. In the meantime, tours have been postponed, concerts have been canceled and, moreover, the entire public life has been reduced to a minimum. Now the majority of society says: staying at home saves lives.

Max has started broadcasting acoustic sessions from his living room via live stream to give the fans something. The feedback was enormous. Together with some music colleagues, an “Instagram Festival” – the #wirbleibenzuhause festival – was set up. When Max plays "Never better than now" in the live session, he breaks off the song in the chorus. It just doesn't fit into this time at the moment. Max makes it out of the blue: "Never stronger than now". But see for yourself:

The song should give strength: All those who have to endure at home, but above all those who fight for us every day and try to keep everything going – doctors, hospital staff, police, fire brigade, supermarket staff, postmen and countless more.