Maxime Dereymez, attacked by the public, explains his strange attitude


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In the program “Dance with the stars”, broadcast on Friday, September 17, 2021, Maxime Dereymez wore sunglasses and seemed a little elsewhere. A behavior that irritated Internet users, but that the dancer explains.

In Dance with the stars, broadcast on Friday, September 17, 2021, singer Lââm danced with Maxime Dereymez. If the performance did not convince the jury and the duo was eliminated, the dancer’s behavior did not appeal to Internet users either. His looks, his lack of energy and the fact that he wore sunglasses throughout the show irritated some viewers. However, there is a reason for this and Maxime Dereymez explained it on social networks. The dancer is indeed suffering from an eye infection called keratitis. For this, he was forced to wear sunglasses. A detail that the presenter Camille Combal himself had mentioned at the beginning of the TF1 show.

“I just discovered the Twitter comments for the ‘Dance with the Stars’ bonus. I think some people didn’t realize that my lack of smile was due to my pain! Keratitis is not just conjunctivitis or small bobo in the eye and the spotlight only amplified things … “, he said on his Twitter account, after coming across a virulent comment. “Maxime Dereymez has his eyes exploded, but he spends the evening under the spotlight of sick …”, could we read among others.

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In “Dance with the stars”, Maxime Dereymez danced despite his health problems

Indeed, at the beginning of September 2021, Maxime Dereymez explained to his followers that he had been hospitalized. “Due to an eye infection called ‘keratitis’, I had to be hospitalized for 3 days, start intensive treatment to get treatment as quickly as possible and above all not to lose my eye “, he confided on his social networks. A hospitalization that fell all the more badly since it took place a few days before the launch of season 11 of Dance with the stars and during his rehearsals with the singer Lââm. If the latter was eliminated from the show from the first premium, she said she was happy to have participated in Dance with the stars thanking his partner.

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