“Maybe it’s me next”: Jazz (JLC Family) reacts to the death of Mava Chou and denounces the harassment on social networks

On January 11, 2022, Jazz Correia, member of the JLC Family, spoke on his Instagram account. The influencer based in Dubai reacted to MavaChou’s death, denouncing the cyberbullying suffered by the influencer.

Very serious statements. January 11, 2022, Jazz Correia, revealed in Who wants to marry my son ? in 2015, since appeared in The angels of reality TV and in his own show JLC Family, spoke on a serious matter. On December 22, one of her sisters, influencer MavaChou, was found dead only hours after filing a complaint against her ex-husband for moral harassment and provocation to suicide. Two weeks earlier, the latter gave an interview to Seven to Eight on TF1 in order to denounce the cyberstalking of which she had been a victim for months. For Jazz Correia, Mava Chou’s suicide is a shock. In an Instagram story, the influencer based in Dubai expressed her concerns and encouraged her community to join a movement.

“You are a postman, assume it”

Mava Chou took his own life because people on social media kept on going, it should never happen again. […] She abandoned her children because of you! You are a postman, assume it “, started Jazz as an Instagram story, posting screenshots of accounts that also cyberstalk him. It’s time to act, we are human beings, not beasts. Who are you to torture us like this?“, she chanted. The young woman then sent her fans an email address on which victims of cyberstalking can now ask for help.

A virtual channel to fight cyberbullying

In a new Instagram story, Jazz Correia shared his fears: The next victim might be me, maybe you or our kids, our sister, our friends“, she wrote on a black background. Thus, the mother of the family decided to create a movement in support of victims of online harassment by suggesting to her fans to add the “chain” emoji in their Instagram biography, after having done so herself. To show solidarity and to recognize each other“, she added. A small symbol immediately adopted by hundreds of fans, but also the husband of Jazz, Laurent.

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