Mayor foams – fuss about new meat vending machines in Flachgau

A practical machine for the finest, filled with organic meat from the Lungau? Or is it an unpeaceful device? In Eugendorf, a machine in one of the settlements angered even the local chief.

Hannes Hönegger probably didn’t expect that: Thursday, Dr. Hans Lechner settlement, around 2.30 p.m. Less than five minutes after the Lungau butcher proudly presented the latest sales channel of its Lungaugold brand after its big bankruptcy in 2020 (Fleischerei Lungau GmbH; liabilities 1.5 million euros), the unexpected turning point came.

Or better: Mayor Johann Strasser (ÖVP) personally. The local chief found the machine in the entrance area of ​​some residential buildings angry – several residents, concerned about their peace and quiet, answered.

He now wants to take action against the device in his community. “Machines like this are a license for many things, the community has no say. People can also shop at around three o’clock in the morning in the middle of the settlement. The neighbors suffer, ”said Strasser, who now wants to consult the Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture.

In addition, the lack of regionality bothers him: “I have nothing against Lungau farmers. But it has nothing to do with regional things from our region, ”says Strasser.