Mayotte: Obono (LFI) asks for “means” to improve the social situation

MP Danièle Obono (LFI) asked on Monday, November 28 for “meansto educate, support a very young population and improve their social situation, which they see as “the source of the problemin Mayotte, shaken in recent days by violence.

Recalling that it is “one of the poorest territories of the Republic“, Danièle Obono observed at the microphone of RFI that in this French department in the Indian Ocean “a large proportion of the population, which is very young and which does not have access to education, which does not have access to a whole set of social rights“, needed”accompaniement“.

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“Let’s put the means to support the population”

We must allow physical integrity and security to return to the territory, but if we do not go to the source of the problem, and in particular the social and economic situation of a large part of this youth and this population, I believe that we will not be able to put an end to this situation and truly appease the territory“, she developed.

Let’s put the means to support the population, let’s put the means to ensure that this youth does not drift and I think that will help to calm the situation“, she insisted.

Theater in recent days of violence between young people from rival neighborhoods caused by the murder of one of them, Mayotte is counting on the arrival of police reinforcements to try to stem the phenomenon.

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