Mbappé makes "a very big donation" for the homeless

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PSG player Kylian Mbappé recently took part in the fight against the coronavirus by providing support to the Abbé Pierre Foundation. A statement from the charity released on Friday tells us that the attacker made a substantial donation to help the homeless, who are particularly at risk at this time.

The health crisis we are experiencing concerns all French people and affects all classes of the population. We are all vulnerable to Covid-19, but some more than others. This is the case of the people most in need, that is, the homeless. To try to protect them as best as possible against the virus, the government has released 50 million euros. A sum which allows among other things shelter the homeless. But the government is not alone in helping the poor. Indeed, many celebrities around the world have shown generosity in order to take part in the fight against the virus. In France, it’s recently soccer player Kylian Mbappé who made a generous donation to the Abbé Pierre Foundation.

Two weeks ago, the Abbé Pierre Foundation, which helps people in very precarious situations, launchedt an appeal for donations, more necessary than ever during this critical period. A solicitation that did not fail to touch the PSG striker. For good reason, the soccer player known for his great generosity, gave his support to the association by making "a very big donation ", according to the charity. An amount that will remain confidential, at the request of the family of Kylian Mbappé.

"Concerned about the consequences of the serious health crisis which strikes our country, but also of all the consequences which it can have on the most fragile people, Kylian Mbappé has just made a very large donation to support the work of the Abbé Pierre Foundation", says the press release from the Fondation Abbé Pierre published this Friday afternoon. It is also specified that thehe donation will make it possible to launch first aid actions: access to water and hygiene for the most underprivileged, food aid and shelter for the homeless.

In turn, Kylian Mbappé communicated via his Instagram account to remind these 40 million subscribers the need to make a move in these particularly difficult times. He simply shared a photo of the Abbé Pierre Foundation accompanied by these few lines that are self-sufficient: "The poorest are not confined. Let us not forget them. Bravo and strength to the Abbé Pierre Foundation." It is hoped that the support of such a celebrity will give more visibility to the charity’s work and thus raise more donations.

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