McPhy appoints a Legal Director and a CTO – 05/19/2022 at 18:11

(AOF) – McPhy’s combined general meeting approved all the resolutions. In addition, the specialist in zero-carbon hydrogen production and distribution equipment announces the appointment of Laëtitia Peyrat as Legal Director & Board Secretary and Benoît Barrière as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), both joining the Committee Executive.

Laëtitia Peyrat will lead the legal function and, as such, will define McPhy’s legal strategy in line with the Group’s vision, corporate culture and growth objectives.

Benoît Barrière will be based in Wildau (Germany) and will have overall responsibility for project engineering, product development and R&D for all activities.


Key points

– Specialist in production and distribution equipment for zero-carbon hydrogen, created in 2008;

– Turnover of €13.1 million achieved 45% in McFilling hydrogen stations, 39% in McLyser high-capacity electrolysers and 16% in Piel catalysts;

– Business model aiming for the minimum rank of 5


production and distribution of green hydrogen equipment by supporting customers in industry, mobility and energy in their decarbonization trajectories;

– Capital held 14.8% by EDF and 6% by BPI France -historic shareholders-, 4.6% by Chart Industry and 2.3% by Technip Energies -strategic shareholders-, Luc Poyer chairing the Board of Directors 10 members, Jean-Baptiste Lucas being the general manager;

– Solid financial position with shareholders’ equity of €205 million and net cash of €177 million.


– “Driving CleanEnergy Forward” corporate project to accelerate the deployment of zero-carbon energy ecosystems and high-capacity equipment;

– Innovation strategy financed by an increased R&D effort: new generations of electrolysers and stations for large-scale projects (100+MW electrolysers, stations with 2+ tons per day of distribution capacity) / improvement of the electrical consumption of electrolysers / optimization of gas storage management;

– Environmental strategy integrated into the activity, with 100% of the electricity supply coming from renewable energies / being structured for a 2025 roadmap;

– Realization of the German Djewels project, the largest European zero-carbon hydrogen site;

– Benefits from the many industrial partnerships signed in 2021 – EDF, Enel, Hype, Plastic Omnium, Technip Energies, EDF;

– Order book of €20.3 million, i.e. 191 MW and 95 stations.


– Ability to halve the price of green hydrogen by the end of the decade;

– Rate of projects subject to regulatory vagaries, such as that of Belfort;

– Continuation of recruitment, the workforce having doubled between 2020 and 2022;

– 2022 objective: after 6 loss-making years and a year 2021 marked by the postponement of major projects and an industrial accident, towards growth in turnover, thanks to the increase in the order book, and a strengthening of the industrial infrastructure , particularly in France and Italy.

Waste management with high stakes

350 million tons of waste are generated annually in France. If 66% is recycled, the rates vary according to the nature of the waste. Thus only 21% of plastics are. In order to strengthen the circular economy, the State massively supports R&D within the framework of the 3R strategy (“Recyclability, Recycling and Reincorporation of materials”). An envelope of 370 million euros will be devoted to it. Regarding hazardous waste, this activity is very profitable. In France, storage and processing capacities are stretched compared to annual needs.

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