Me and the others: New series with Tom Schilling in the Berlinale program

Me and the others
New series with Tom Schilling in the Berlinale program

Tom Schilling and Katharina Schüttler in "Me and the Others".

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The series program of the Berlinale in 2021 consists of six productions from all over the world. "Me and the others" is also among them.

Six titles, including the Sky Original "Me and the Others", can be found in the 2021 series at the Berlinale. Tom Schilling (38, "Werk ohne Autor") can be seen in the lead role of the German-Austrian production by showrunner David Schalko (48). Other roles include Mavie Hörbiger (41), Lars Eidinger (45), Katharina Schüttler (41), Martin Wuttke (58) and Sophie Rois (59).

According to Sky, the series tells the story of a character (Schilling) in six episodes, "who struggles with himself and the world and is allowed to shuffle the cards in each episode". Leading actor Schilling believes: "You won't have seen it like this before. David Schalko's series 'Me and the Others' is philosophical, funny and absolutely insane." In June, the broadcaster announced that production of the series could continue. The work had to be interrupted last March after only five of the 62 planned days of shooting due to the corona pandemic.

The other series in the program

Five more series are to be presented as part of the Berlinale Series. These include "Entre hombres" from Argentina, "Os últimos dias de Gilda" from Brazil, the US production "Philly D.A.", "It's a Sin" from the United Kingdom and the Swedish-Danish series "Snöänglar".

At the end of last year, the organizers announced that the Berlinale 2021 would not take place as usual. In March there will initially be an online offer for the industry, followed by a summer event with demonstrations for the public in June.