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Coeur de Pirate is back this Friday, October 15, 2021 with “Impossible àaimer”, a sixth album that is sweet, pop and faithful to his talent.

It’s an album cover as we like them. We see Béatrice Martin, alias Cœur de Pirate, in profile. A staging and a recurring style since the beginning of his career at the age of 19. Each record sleeve has, in fact, this particularity. To illustrate this sixth album, named Impossible to love, Coeur de Pirate called on a female artist. “It’s a painting that was done by a Montreal artist. It is meant to be a little kitsch, a little candy pink, like the title, by the way. It was to imbibe this 80s period that I take a little in the album. “

The Quebec singer had already given us a first glimpse of this record with “We will always love each other” with disco and melancholic melodies. A style somewhat different from what we are used to hearing at Coeur de Pirate. However, the singer has remained true to herself. Impossible to love contains songs that made the singer so successful. “A broken song”, or “You will never be there” are sublime piano voices, those who remind us of his first album or the song “Republic Square”, from Blonde hair.

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Coeur de Pirate: more than 10 years of career for a committed woman

Now 32 years old, Béatrice Martin asserts a pop style, sometimes disco, but does not forget her love for the piano. 10 years have passed since his debut and the hit “Like children”. Her many albums are united by themes: love, melancholy, but also this inspiring touch of feminism. In song, but also elsewhere, Cœur de Pirate has never mince words concerning women’s rights, especially in the music industry.

As soon as a woman raises her voice to gain respect, she is deemed difficult or crazy.

“If I had to give any advice, it would be to listen to your little inner voice and stay who you are. Following your gut is always important. Me, I’ve always done my way. In a way. , it has served me well and it has also hurt me at times. But I have always remained true to my convictions “, she confided to aufeminin’s editorial staff in an interview. “Sexism is everywhere, it’s a constant struggle. We haven’t finished having to say things to be respected, even if we will be judged difficult. Because that’s what actually happens. : as soon as a woman raises her voice to be respected, she is judged difficult, or crazy … It is absolutely heavy. But we must continue to do it. I think that the change in the public domain will take place. pass when we put more women in decision-making positions. “

Coeur de Pirate soon in concert

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