Media report revealed: “Squid Game” is so successful

Media report revealed
“Squid Game” is so successful

The series hit “Squid Game” is now seen by more than 132 million accounts. For the streaming provider Netflix, the survival horror is becoming more and more valuable – the series is expected to flush almost 900 million dollars into the coffers.

“Squid Game” is the most successful Netflix series of all time, at least in terms of access numbers at the start. With 111 million hits in the first month, the South Korean series recently clearly outperformed the previous record holder “Bridgerton” (82 million). New numbers now underline the success of the series. The financial news service “Bloomberg” was able to see internal statistics from which it can be seen: The survival horror will bring the streaming provider almost 900 million dollars. The series has already achieved an impact value of $ 891.1 million for Netflix. At the same time, it only brought about $ 21.4 million in production costs – about $ 2.4 million per episode.

In the report, Netflix also gave new viewership numbers. According to this, 132 million accounts have seen at least two minutes of an episode of “Squid Game” within the first 23 days. Apparently the audience stayed with it after two minutes. As Netflix calculates, 1.4 billion hours of “Squid Game” have been streamed worldwide so far.

The commercial success of the series is no accident. As growth in the American market slowed, Netflix began investing more heavily in the fast-growing Asian market – particularly in South Korea. The broadcast of original series, the purchase of studios and the establishment of a talent factory now seem to be profitable.

Since entering the market in 2016, the streaming service has invested around 770 billion won (645 million US dollars) in South Korea and produced around 80 original series and films, according to Bloomberg. In February, Netflix announced it would spend $ 500 million on original content in South Korea this year. The streaming service has no other choice, after all, Disney and the Chinese technology giant Tencent Holdings have doubled their investments in their streaming platforms in Asia

“Squid Game” tells the story of almost 500 people in nine episodes, all of whom are deeply in debt. They compete against each other in apparently harmless children’s games in order to win prize money in the millions. But the macabre competition does not allow a second chance: Those who do not make it to the next round will be killed immediately.

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