Median Technologies: raises 11.6 ME and finalizes a convertible bond issue


( — Median Technologies completed its capital increase by private placement and offers to the public an amount of 11.6 million euros at a subscription price of 4.70 euros per share.

The Global Offering amounted to a total amount of approximately 11.6 million euros, issue premium included, of which 96.4% subscribed by institutional investors and 3.6% by individuals via the PrimaryBid platform .

The company has also entered into a “Securities Purchase Agreement” with Celestial Successor Fund, with a view to issuing convertible bonds (the “Convertible Bonds”) with CSF for a total amount of 10 million euros. With the completion of the Global Offering, the subscription of the Convertible Bonds by CSF will be launched, with settlement-delivery expected on July 21, 2023.

The Convertible Bonds, with a maturity of 7 years, will bear interest at a fixed rate of 8.5%. The conversion price of the Convertible Bonds was set at 6.458 euros.

Finally, the company could, under certain conditions, exercise the second tranche of the loan taken out with the European Investment Bank for an additional amount of 10 million euros.



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