Mediator case: the terrible autopsy of a victim unveiled: Current Woman The MAG

The Mediator scandal has just come to an end on Monday, March 29, 2021, ten years after the opening of a judicial investigation and nearly eighteen months of trial. Servier laboratories were condemned for “aggravated deception“and”manslaughter“. A real victory for Irène Frachon, pulmonologist and whistleblower on the Mediator case. “First, remember that these people were poisoned, and were knowingly poisoned“, she begins on the set of C to you, Monday March 29, 2021. “When the business started, we said ‘it is impossible, laboratories, doctors, cannot knowingly expose consumers to a product of which they know the toxicity‘. And yet, this unthinkable has been judged today. The verdict is absolutely bright“. According to her, the laboratories were aware since the beginning of the toxicity of the Mediator, because they had already had the same problem with another drug, Isomeride, an appetite suppressant. She brought, to illustrate her point, autopsy images of a Mediator victim that she followed.

Very shocking images

She first explains the effects of Isomeride on the body: “He was withdrawn after an apt fight against Servier, because he killed by attacking the vessels of the lungs and heart valves.“, explains the processional.”As it turns out, Americans have researched why Isomeride kills. In the body, it changes and becomes amphetamine. They said ‘Be careful, if Isomeride is flowing in your veins, you are going to have a heart attack.’ “But ten years later, she realizes that patients on Mediator had the same effects as those on Isomeride. the same molecule ! “It is a trafficked amphetamine, its effects are known, it is strictly the same as Isomeride“, she says. To prove the cardiac effects of the Mediator, she brought”images that can be shocking“: the autopsy of the heart of one of the victims she followed, a fifty-year-old woman. We can see that the valves of the victim’s heart have become almost invisible compared to the witness heart. An irrefutable proof according to her : “It’s monstrous“, she concludes,”it took ten years to explain one thing that fits in four boards: it’s awful, it’s a trafficked amphetamine, these people are drug dealers“.

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