Medical tattoo specialist, she redraws the nipples in 3D after breast cancer


Maëlie Bertoncini is a medical tattoo specialist who redraws the 3D nipples of women who have suffered from breast cancer so that they can find "a part of themselves".

Women with breast cancer are generally likely to have a mastectomy, which is the total removal of the breast if there is a large tumor. This is not always easy for the patient who then needs to reclaim her body. There are, however, several options for breast reconstruction. One of them is 3d tattoo which consists of redrawing the nipple and breast areola for a very realistic result.

Breast reconstruction is usually done in hospitals, but patients can be disappointed with the result because of its unrealistic nature. However, the 3D tattoo allowsimitate the contours of a nipple on smooth skin thanks to several pigments capable of recreating the color and shadows of the original nipple.

Maëlie Bertoncini, specialist in medical tattooing, proceeds in five steps to redraw the nipples of women who have suffered from breast cancer. "I start by taking the color of the already existing mammary areola and I do color tests on the skin. Then during a second session, I start to tattoo the contour of the mammary areola and the contour of the nipple. , before filling them by creating effects of shadow and light."she told the Huffington Post.

Thanks to this method, the young woman wants to help women to rebuild themselves and to love their body again. "My goal in doing this is that everyone can reclaim their body as they want, that they feel reassured and maybe find their share of femininity or themselves", she explained.

"I won't turn the page because it's something you can't forget, but thanks to the tattoo it will be different"said Karine, who suffered from double breast cancer six years earlier.

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