Medicines for addicts: the fund is supposed to help smokers quit

Drugs for addicts
Cash register is supposed to help smokers quit

The tobacco phase-out should be easier. For this, smokers are to be financially supported by the health insurances – this is what the grand coalition wants to implement during this electoral period. “Severely addicts” could then be entitled to drugs for weaning.

According to plans by the grand coalition, tobacco addicts should be able to get paid for by the health insurance company in the future for drugs to stop smoking. “There is no other drug in the world and here in Germany that causes more people to die than from the effects of smoking,” said the Federal Drug Commissioner Daniela Ludwig after a corresponding decision by the health committee.

“We will therefore ensure during this legislative period that the support for quitting smoking is even better, more targeted, and even easier,” said the CSU politician. Specifically, those with statutory health insurance who have been found to be “heavily dependent on tobacco” should be entitled to a one-off supply of drugs to help them quit smoking.

The joint federal committee of doctors, clinics and health insurance companies is to determine which drugs can be prescribed in therapy programs under which conditions. A follow-up supply with such funds should be possible after three years at the earliest. The new regulations adopted by the committee are to be appended to another law that the Bundestag is expected to pass this Friday.