Medvedev on tough corona rules for tennis stars in Australian

Are you vaccinated Many people are currently asking this question. Tennis stars are confronted with it again and again. Novak Djokovic is someone who doesn’t like that at all. The world number 1 recently told the Serbian newspaper “Blic”: “I will not reveal whether I have been vaccinated or not. This is a private matter and according to our law I could prosecute someone who asks me about it. The question is inappropriate. “

The Serb has always been considered an opponent of the corona vaccination. And now he receives support for his statements from the man who was the last player to face him. Daniil Medvedev, who won the US Open final against the Serbian in mid-September, said at a press conference: «Novak said that the vaccination is a personal matter and he does not make it public. I have also decided not to disclose medical matters. “

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