Meg Ryan: Many years ago she ruined a wonderful date

Meg Ryan
Many years ago she ruined a wonderful date

Meg Ryan isn’t very good at dating.

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Meg Ryan is famous for romantic comedies. In real life, the actress is probably not very adept at dating.

When she was still in college, Meg Ryan (62) went on an adventurous and probably quite romantic date. But with just one small sentence she ruined everything. In the Speaking to Glamor magazine, Ryan remembers how this came to be. And she talks about how she still has problems when it comes to dates today.

Even though the actress has long been considered the queen of romantic comedies thanks to films like “Harry and Sally” or “Sleepless in Seattle”, Ryan is not particularly adept at dating after her separation from singer John Mellencamp (72) in 2019. “It’s just as crazy as always,” laughs the 62-year-old. “I don’t think anyone will ever get good at it. Maybe some people can do it. I don’t.”

This happened to Meg Ryan back in college

When asked about her worst date, Meg Ryan remembers what seemed to be a particularly embarrassing experience for her. Everything was actually going great back then until she really messed it up. “I had a date in college where he took me on a motorcycle ride through northern Connecticut and Massachusetts. It was great,” Ryan says. But the trip didn’t go so well when the two lovebirds drove back to the student dorm after dinner.

“I had a great time, Phil,” she said. The problem: “His name was something like Bob. I never heard from him again.” But the date itself was fun.

Maybe she’ll meet Bob again at some point. At least that’s exactly what happens in their latest film, “What Happens Later”. The romantic film with Ryan and David Duchovny (63) is about two ex-lovers who meet again after years and are snowed in together in a small airport.


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