Meghan and Harry talk about their money problems … and shock the British: Current Woman The MAG

The British royal family is shaking. Sunday March 7, 2021, Meghan markle and the prince harry gave an explosive interview to the legendary American host Oprah winfrey. A year after their sensational departure from the royal family, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have said their hearts content. Meghan Markle notably shocked the world by claiming that some royalty had held Racist Thoughts against their unborn child: "There was some conversations about her skin color, how dark she would be at birth, and what that would mean ” she declared. Archie's mum, pregnant with her second child, also spoke about her own struggles, revealing that she had been having suicidal thoughts, which the family were unwilling to address.

"We have been completely financially abandoned"

But another question arose after their big departure for Canada in 2020: how much money were they going to be able to live with? Prince Harry himself provided the answer during the interview: “We live on the money my mother left me, otherwise we couldn't have left " he said, citing a legacy of around £ 10million. A nice amount that allowed them to temporarily ensure their physical and financial security, which the royal family would have refused them. "We have been completely financially abandoned", in particular launched the son of Prince Charles, who affirms that he was cut off the food.

Complaints which do not pass at all in the United Kingdom, because under the "Sovereign Act", Harry has been paid for years with taxpayer money, just like the other senior members of the royal family. To compensate for this loss, Meghan and Harry, who founded turned to the mainstream American media: a $ 30 million deal with the music platform Spotify and a huge contract of up to 100 million with Netflix were signed. Enough to ensure the safety of their children … and even more, since according to the British media, the fortune of the Sussexes could soon exceed that of Queen Elizabeth II in person. A queen who also reacted to the shock interview with her grandson through a press release.

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