Meghan Markle pregnant: she reappears in an overpriced low-cut dress that makes the buzz (oops!): Current Woman The MAG

This is a scoop for no one: Meghan Markle will be, along with Prince Harry, the next camera guest of Oprah Winfrey, the popess of American TV shows. For the past few days, a teaser for the CBS show has already been running on social media, revealing the face of a Duchess of Sussex more fulfilled than ever. As if life far from the English tabloids and the dress protocol specific to Buckingham Palace was really made for her. However, since the princely couple set sail for the California sun, the young woman had been rather discreet. But that was before. Before the announcement in early February of her new pregnancy, which immediately made the headlines.

Meghan Markle pregnant: she made the buzz with an overpriced dress with an unexpected style!

This new pregnancy, about which we still know almost nothing, looks very different from the previous one. This time, no need to play model princess anymore as she had done in 2018 during a royal trip to Oceania which had forced her to chain the outfits of mum-to-be from morning to night, from the fancy of a folk dress with ruffles to the class of a buttoned black dress, from the comfort of Veja sneakers to the femininity of a pair of high heels!

In 2021, Meghan Markle has visibly decided to flaunt her pregnancy under less formal and cooler dresses … but not necessarily less luxury. After a first appearance on February 22 in a pastel-colored haute couture dress by Oscar de la Renta which caused a sensation but whose sale price (2000 dollars) aroused many mockeries about her lifestyle, the mother of 'Archie puts it back in this teaser by revealing himself dressed in a creation almost as expensive as the first! Ample, long, black and low-cut, its apparent simplicity hides a selling price of 4700 euros…. And Armani's claw!

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