Meghan Trainor: after giving birth, she has to “learn to love her body again”

Meghan Trainor
After birth she has to “learn to love her body again”

Meghan Trainor has been the mother of one son since February 2021.

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Singer Meghan Trainor speaks openly and honestly in an interview about her physical changes after the birth of her son.

In February of this year, Meghan Trainor (27) became the mother of a son for the first time. But since the birth of little Riley, the singer has noticed changes in her body with which she initially felt anything but comfortable. “I’m covered in scars and stretch marks in places I didn’t know could get stretch marks. There are things that will never go away and I have to learn to love them,” she explains in an interview with “People” magazine.

She also felt “immediately unsexy” towards her husband Daryl Sabara (29), even though he adored her. Therapy helped her become more self-confident again and “get back into the mindset: ‘My husband loves me, I’m hot and everything is fine'”. The spark in their relationship was never lost, but “fought”, said Trainor.

Healthy lifestyle

Her role as a mother inspired her to live healthier. After all, she wants to be healthy and active for her son. “I want to run and keep up with my kid. I want to be able to put on a bathing suit and run out there and not worry about it,” says Trainor. The singer has now lost the baby pounds, plus five additional kilos. “So I’ll just go ahead and do this for the younger me.”


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