Mehdi Nebbou, alias Karadec, confides in the “estimated” end of the series

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Mehdi Nebbou, who plays officer Karadec in the HPI series broadcast on TF1, gave his estimate of the end of the program which is a great success with viewers.

In 2021, viewers discovered Audrey Fleurot in the skin of Morgane Alvaro for the series HPI broadcast on TF1. The success was immediate for this program which follows the adventures of a housekeeper who became a criminal affairs consultant for the police thanks to her high intellectual potential (HPI). Three seasons later, the public always responds to the appointment to discover the rest of the adventures for which Audrey Fleurot receives a tidy sum for each episode.

A salary justified by the notoriety of the series which brings together many viewers every Thursday evening on TF1. This Thursday, May 25, 2023, the channel is preparing to broadcast a new episode of the adventures of this cheeky heroine who has an ambiguous relationship with her work colleague, Lieutenant Adam Karadecperformed by Mehdi Nebbou. As the plot progresses in the series, the public sees its fear of a close outcome increase.

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HPI: two more seasons?

A terrible anguish for the fans of the series, who were nearly 10 million to discover the beginnings of Morgane Alvaro as a criminal affairs consultant in the first season. TF1 indeed seems to have found its golden goose with this program which will be adapted across the Atlantic for American television. For the moment, the public is holding their breath as they follow the adventures of the duo embodied by Audrey Fleurot and Mehdi Nebbou, which are not easy.

The question is now on the lips of all amateur viewers of the program: will HPI be the subject of a fourth season? During an interview given to Telepro on May 5, Mehdi Nebbou gave some clues about the rest of the program. The 52-year-old comedian has indeed hinted that the television series will certainly be the subject of a new season. According to him, the outcome of season 3, currently broadcast on the private channel, could not do without a sequel.

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A statement that did not fail to unleash passions, with some being simply excited to find out what will happen to Morgane Alvaro and the lieutenant Karadecothers could not contain their joy at the idea of ​​seeing the program extended. Explaining not wanting to do the season too much, Mehdi Nebbou felt that the HPI final could be held during a fifth season.

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