Melania Trump: First Lady votes without mask and husband in Florida

Melania Trump cast her vote in Florida. At the ballot box she appeared without her husband Donald and her mouth and nose covering.

Donald Trump's (74) wife Melania (50) cast her vote on election day in Florida. According to "People", she was the only person in the polling station without a mouth and nose covering. "It's election day, so I wanted to come here today to vote," said the first lady, according to the report, when asked by reporters why she didn't vote with her husband last week. Donald Trump cast his vote in Florida at the end of October, where the couple have their official residence.

Melania Trump showed up in an expensive designer outfit when voting. In photos she can be seen in Palm Beach in a light, sleeveless midi dress with a pleated skirt. According to media reports, the dress should come from Gucci and cost the equivalent of almost 4,000 euros. She combined this with a designer handbag allegedly worth over 10,000 euros and 500-euro pumps by Christian Louboutin.