Melanie Griffith: Loving memories of her ex-husbands

Melanie Griffith has been married four times. On Instagram, the US actress now shared old photos with her ex-husbands.

Melanie Griffith (62, "The Arms of Women") maintains good relationships with her ex-husbands even after the end of their four marriages. On Instagram, the US actress reminisces and posted several snapshots from old times. Don Johnson (70, "Knives Out – Murder is a Family Matter"), Steven Bauer (63, "Scarface") and Antonio Banderas (59, "The Mask of Zorro") can be seen on it.

Don Johnson was her "first love"

"It was the first time we were married to a DJ," said Griffith, commenting on a photo with "Miami Vice" star Don Johnson, with whom she made two covenants (1976 and 1989-1996). It shows a sensual kiss by the ex-couple, who got daughter Dakota Johnson (30, "Fifty Shades of Gray") in 1989. "I was 18, he was 26," the actress recalled, adding the words "first love" to her post.

You and Steven Bauer were "madly in love"

The Hollywood star had previously shared a 1984 snapshot with his second husband Steven Bauer with the fans. Griffith was married to the actor from 1981 to 1989, together they have a son, Alexander Bauer (34). At the time the photo was taken, the couple had been "madly in love", said the 62-year-old.

Antonio Banderas continues to refer to her as "Mi Amor"

Of course, Antonio Banderas should not be missing in Melanie Griffith's review: her last husband and father of her second daughter Stella (23). The two met and loved each other on the set of "Two Much – One Blonde Too Much" in the mid-90s. In 1996 they said yes. "Mi Amor Antonio", the actress commented on a photo of the ex-couple from 2012, which was taken in the Spanish coastal town of Marbella on the Costa del Sol. Griffith and Banderas' marriage lasted 18 years, and the couple filed for divorce in 2014.