Melinda and Bill Gates: are these reasons for their divorce?

Melinda + Bill Gates
Are these the reasons for your divorce?

Melinda and Bill Gates are getting divorced.

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Why are Melinda and Bill Gates really getting divorced? US media are now reporting on the possibly real reasons for the separation.

Last Monday, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, 65, and his wife Melinda Gates, 56, announced the imminent end of their marriage in a joint statement. After the first wild speculations, according to the US media, the possibly real reasons for the relationship are slowly seeping through.

Bill and Melinda Gates: “rumbled” through marriage?

As the “People” magazine reports, citing a source close to the family, “a combination of things” is to blame for the love affair. Among other things, the fact that the youngest daughter Phoebe, 18, has now grown up is said to have played a major role.

They had been speculating about a separation for a long time, but wanted to stay together for the sake of the children, at least until they graduated from high school. The insider literally stated that Melinda and Bill had “hobbled” through their marriage in recent years. The two have three children: daughter Jennifer, 25, son Rory, 21, and Phoebe, who celebrated her 18th birthday last September.

It also says that the couple still wants to avoid a public mud fight in any case. This is also why Bill has already transferred a billion-dollar fortune to his wife. The top priority is not to lose credibility in order to continue to achieve the goals of the “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation” together. Therefore, one should try not to attract too much attention through the divorce.