Members of a Catholic school tried for violence


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In the Cher, the former director and two teachers from a private school outside the contract will appear in November before the Bourges criminal court. The latter are tried for violence committed against students.

The trial, which was originally scheduled to be held this week, has just been postponed to November 22, 23 and 24. The school pointed out is l‘Angelus, a private Catholic establishment without contract, located in the Cher, which welcomed around 100 students, from primary to high school. Humiliations, deprivations, corporal punishment, drudgery… A multitude of testimonies – from as many children as from volunteer teachers – were collected by the investigators. While the instruction had identified 51 victims in total, only two families became civil parties.

At the time of the upcoming events, the school was run by an abbot who finds himself today in the box of the defendants, accompanied by two teachers aged 28 and 59. If the latter risk up to three years in prison, the man of the Church incurs a sentence of ten years. He is being prosecuted for violence with an ITT of more than eight days committed on a minor and for violence without ITT committed on several children.

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Horrifying testimonies

According to Me Solange Doumic, a lawyer for three children, some students were particularly targeted by the former director. She describes : “Children could stay a whole day, even several days and even several weeks in a chair, without moving, for all to see.“. The public prosecutor of Bourges relates for his worthy punishments”19th century“. On the defense side, Me Ludivine Lamour recognizes” strict “educational methods, but refutes accusations of violence.

Closed since 2017 – following a complaint from parents for “ill-treatment and equivocal behavior” and of the indictment of its leader – The Angelus has not reopened its doors. The abbot is also suspected of having resorted to hidden work within the establishment.

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