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Memory training: The best tips

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In order for our brain to stay fit for a long time, we should strengthen it regularly with memory training. These tips will help you get your brain going!

We’re getting fitter – the fun only stops when it’s about our heads: people in their mid-thirties meanwhile think they’re noticing the first signs of senescence. And so-called memory clinics, which are actually there for the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, are increasingly being used by those seeking advice who are fully employed but have doubts about their mental abilities.

It is modern to complain about your own absent-mindedness and lack of concentration. But the vast majority of us only suffer from the rapidly growing demands on our memory. Nothing works without pin codes and passwords, everyday items such as telephones and alarm clocks come with thumb-thick manuals, there are always new challenges at work, and names, data and facts pour over us from the media – to the point of switching off.

Meanwhile, neuroscientists are feverishly researching a remedy for the kind of memory loss that has only become a widespread disease as we live longer: age-related dementia. They have not yet found a pill against forgetting, but they have found many new insights into the function of our memory. And fortunately, they not only show how we can keep our brains constantly busy, but also help to calmly endure memory failures.

The most important thing in seven key points:

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