Men in love: they would never do these things

Unfortunately, when a man goes out with you, it does not automatically mean that he also wants to put the world at your feet. And let's be honest: We don't just date guys who fall into our "I want to marry and have children" category. That sometimes complicates the whole thing. Because if you don't know how the other feels, you start interpreting your signs. One thing is clear: if he does these things, he really cannot be serious about you.

1. He never answers by himself

You write him about ten times as many messages as he sends you and nothing comes from him? Of course, this is not a good sign. Sure, there are men who don't really get out of the curd and some need a kick in the ass to realize that it's too passive. But hand on heart, there is a very simple rule of thumb that says: If he wants you, he'll get in touch!

2. He never keeps a whole day off for you

Sometimes going to the cinema, sometimes eating here – but he never spends a whole day with you? Funny. If he had feelings, he would definitely take more time for you.

3. He doesn't want to introduce you to his friends

Basically, you don't know anyone from their friends or family. And when you propose a meeting, is something else always more important? Unfortunately, this sounds suspicious: The woman is only a temporary solution for me!

4. He only wants to see you

Watch Netflix with you, eat with you, sleep with you, but you're never actually in his apartment? The question that arises is: why? Because he never cleans up? Because he lives in a hot spot? Or maybe rather because it is more convenient for him to be able to go when he wants?

5. He never speaks of the future

A man who is in love would definitely speak of the future. Not after the first date and not immediately from home, dog and children. But one: "We can go on vacation together" or an "I would love to show you my home town" should be in there.

6. He doesn't want exclusivity

Does he generally live the model of the open relationship? If not, it doesn't exactly speak for great love if he dated other women besides you. And if he doesn't care if you drive on multiple tracks, that's not a good sign either.

7. He doesn't want to go with you

The vacation time is precious – after all, you don't have as many days off per year. That's why you also spend it with people who are particularly close to your heart. He refuses to go with you? Is actually self-explanatory …

What do you want?

In the end you have to ask yourself: Do I want such a casual story or am I missing something? If you really have feelings for the man, but he hurts them with several gestures – then there is unfortunately only one solution. Even if it is difficult – break off contact and reorient …

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