Men say: “That’s why I did NOT propose to my girlfriend”

10 men tell
“That’s why I did NOT propose to my girlfriend”

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Got rings, ordered pink elephants, reserved the entire restaurant – and then backed down at the last moment! 10 men explain why they did NOT ask for their friend’s hand

Anyone who plans a marriage proposal so specifically that he thinks about a date, chooses a ring or thinks about the right location is usually quite a long way – and is apparently relatively sure of both his love and his relationship. If something comes up, it must be very serious … right ?! We’ll see! At “Whisper“Numerous men have shared their reasons for not making the proposed marriage proposal after all – and in most of these cases the decision against the proposal seems to have been the best for everyone involved …

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10 men tell: That’s why I didn’t make the proposed marriage proposal after all

1. Well now …

“I wanted to ask for her hand, but she left me for someone better. At least I got the money back for the ring. Nobody loves me.”

2. Oh dear!

“I had planned to save up to hold her hand and buy her the ring that she deserves. But somehow I don’t think that would be that wise anymore. It takes two people for something to work … I have feeling like I can’t make her happy. “

3. It was probably nothing

“I wanted to ask for her hand in a few weeks – but she has decided to leave me. We have imagined our future too differently.”

4. Oops!

“I was actually going to propose to my girlfriend today while walking through the Christmas-lit streets. She moved me to spend time with her friends. She’ll never know.”

5. That would be clarified!

“After moving in with my girlfriend, I realized I didn’t want to marry her. I actually wanted to ask her if she would be my wife, but I changed my mind.”

6. So close …

“I left my girlfriend a month before I wanted to ask for her hand. I just lost my nerve, man …”

7. Irony of fate

“My girlfriend broke up with me because I didn’t propose to her – I had planned it for July 4th! We were probably not meant to be together.”

8. Ouch!

“After six years together, the day I wanted to ask her for her hand, I caught my girlfriend with my best buddy … and in my bed too!”

9. Cancer is a f *** a ***!

“My girlfriend had cancer. She died two months before I proposed to her. I still have the ring.”