Mercato LoL: after a season in the LCS, toucouille back in the LFL in 2023?

It is the return of the French prodigies who have tried the experience on the other side of the Atlantic. Just like Hans Sama, who left Rogue for Team Liquid last season, and is expected to return to G2 in the LEC soon, the Frenchman Loïc “toucouille” Dubois is preparing to return to Europe, and more particularly to the LFL.

According to rumors shared by anonymity on Twitter, the 21-year-old midlaner would have chosen to leave FlyQuest, while his contract was signed until 2024. The former GamersOrigin or GameWard player knows the LFL well, so he would be interested in returning to his native land and would have given a agreement in principle to Team GOthe new name of GamersOrigin.

The structure will play in LFL next year, and has just left the Coupe de France 2022 with its head held high, eliminated by Vitality.bee in the semi-finals (3/2). The regular season was more complicated, the team narrowly missed the playoffs by finishing 7th in the LFL at the Summer Split 2022. The arrival of toucouille would therefore sign the departure of Ronaldo “Ronaldo” Beteaand would allow the roster to be mostly local, with Karim kt in the jungle and Veignorem in support.

Many supporters of the young French are already wondering if his level did not allow him to find a larger team, especially in the LEC, after this first season in the big leagues in NA. In any case, LFL fans are happy to find one of the best midlaners in the championship…

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