Mercato LoL: Zanzarah leaves for the LEC and Shlatan for the LFL

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Currently neck and neck with Karmine Corp in the LFL, Misifts Gaming is making changes between its LEC and LFL team.

Announced via a tweet, Misfits Gaming make small trades between his LEC team and his LFL team. While the first met with poor results during the 5th week of Summer Splitthe second is currently tied with the Karmine Corp in 5ᵉ place in the ranking. The LFL team, with its score of 8 wins – 8 losses, will play his spot in the playoffs this week.

At the start of this new week of competition, Misfits Gaming decides to exchange the two junglers of his teams. Indeed, League of Legend players, Zanzarahand Shlatan will now take the place of the other in the teams of the structure. The decision has not, for the moment, not been commented on by the coaching staff. So this week you will see both junglers play out of their usual league.

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