Merciful Brothers – Hospital Issues Hard Triage Warning

The Brothers of Mercy sent a letter to Salzburg’s Deputy Governor Christian Stöckl (ÖVP). Content: It is no longer a matter of whether a hard triage is imminent due to the tense corona situation. It is already a reality. Various operations for cancer patients are already being postponed.

As is well known, the situation in Salzburg’s hospitals is getting worse every hour, the number of corona patients currently seems to be increasing incessantly. The Barmherzigen Brüder Hospital wants to point out an already precarious situation. In a letter to Salzburg’s Deputy Governor Christian Stöckl (ÖVP), it is pointed out that the current occupancy figures already require strict triage. Cancer patients, for example, should show who will be treated first and who will have to wait, where operations that are not acutely important for survival on less aggressive tumors are already being postponed – for an indefinite period of time : So on Wednesday only nine intensive care beds and two for corona patients were available in Salzburg.
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