Mermaid Braid: The most beautiful braided hairstyle for summer

This hairstyle tops all previous braided hairstyles in terms of romance and charm. The Mermaid Braid seductively stages long hair and seems to come straight from a fairy tale. You can find out how to style the hairstyle here!

Mermaid Braid: This is how the braided hairstyle works

First things first: The "Mermaid Braid" hairstyle is easier than it looks! Because accurate braiding is not important here – the braid convinces with its casual style and its loosely intertwined strands, which can look a bit messy here and there!

You need:

  • Thin, inconspicuous hair ties (preferably in the color of your hair)
  • Curling iron
  • Hairspray
  • Maybe a helping friend – but with a little practice, the hairstyle can also be achieved alone!

That's how it's done:

  1. Comb hair well so that it is easy to braid.
  2. Gather a wider section of the back of your head loosely in a braid and secure it with a thin hair elastic. Pull the hair out a little above the hair elastic so that you gain more volume. After the hair elastic, braid the hair up to the ends and wrap it with another thin hair elastic. This braided braid serves as your Basic braid for the hairstyle. Extra tip: Slightly pull the hair out at the outer edge of your braid (like with the pancake braid), this gives your hairstyle an extravagant 3-D shape.
  3. Now part the right section of your front top hair. Spin them with one Curling iron (put on heat protection beforehand!) and then spray on some hairspray. Twist the strand of hair additionally with your fingers and pull them apart a little (more volume!). Then pull the strand above the hair elastic through the base braid. Repeat this step on the other side.
  4. Continue like this: The strands of the top hair are twisted in with a curling iron, then additionally twirled with your hands and then pulled apart a little with your fingers. Secure the strands by pulling them through each loop of the braid. Little by little, the strands of hair interweave with the originally braided plait. This technique is called "pull-through", because from here on you don't have to braid any more, just pull the strands through. Note: You also don't have to pull all the hair strands through the main braid: The lower outer hair can remain open and is combined to form the main braid at the end.
  5. To create individual highlights, you can in addition, braid thin strands as normal or a thin herringbone braid integrate and pull through the braided plait as a fixation.
  6. At the end of the braid you gather the Mermaid Braid and tie it Secure all hair with a hair tie. Push the hair tie up a little: This will also generate some volume at the end of the braid. It is important that the Mermaid Braid nice and easy sits. At the end, put on some hairspray – done!

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