Message from mom: New series starts shooting in Hamburg

Message from mom
New series starts shooting in Hamburg

Luke Matt Röntgen, Golo Euler, Matteo Hilterscheid and Mathilda Smidt play in “Message from Mama” a young family that has to deal with the death of their mother (Jessica Ginkel).

© SAT.1 / Georges Pauly

The shooting for the new Sat.1 series “Message from Mama” has started. Among others, Jessica Ginkel and Golo Euler will be there.

Fans of the comedy series “jerks.” can look forward to a new project from the production company Pajama Pictures. The new eight-part family series “Message from Mama” is currently being created in cooperation with Sat.1. Shooting is taking place in Hamburg and on the Baltic Sea, and shooting in the Hanseatic city has already started. Jessica Ginkel (40, “The Teacher”) and Golo Euler (38) slip into the leading roles. The late wife (Ginkel) of a young widower (Euler) left him and their children (Luke Matt Röntgen, Matteo Hilterscheid and Mathilda Smidt) with hundreds of video messages full of humor and life advice.

“Despite all the drama, we tell a life-affirming family story – a plea for life after a bad stroke of fate,” says producer Carsten Kelber (48), co-founder of Pajama Pictures alongside actor Christian Ulmen (45), describing the project in a press release. The directors are Felix Binder and Suki Maria Roessel, who also wrote the script with colleagues Sabine Leipert and Claudia Leins.