Messy bun: How to create the perfect undone bun!

Messy bun
It’s so easy to create the perfect undone bun!

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The messy bun has been one of the biggest hairstyle trends for a while now. We’ll show you how to style the “messy bun” perfectly.

It’s one thing to quickly tie your hair into a bun. The fact that he also looks good is another thing. But how do you create this messy bun that doesn’t look intentional but is actually exactly that?

The hype about the messy bun

Hardly a woman has not succumbed to it: the messy bun hype. Why do we all love the hairstyle so much? Because it looks so perfectly imperfect, is super practical in everyday life and is suitable for every hair structure. Celebrities and bloggers made the look suitable for going out and now hardly anyone wants to go without it! Unlike everyone else Bun variants, the charm of the messy bun lies in its casualness, as the topknot looks absolutely effortless and casual in the ideal case. And especially on warm days, the bun offers the perfect hairstyle: all hair is removed from the face and the neck is also free for a cooling breeze to blow around our shoulders!

How to create a messy bun: entry-level variations

Are you still new to buns? Then try the beginner variants

Beginner version 1

Take all of your hair together and tie it into a half ponytail with a loop. Use your fingers to gently pull individual strands at the front that frame the face. Now take the strand hanging down and divide it in the middle. The right strand is twisted and placed above the loop. Secure the strand using hair clips. Then twist the second strand and attach it to the loop with hair clips. If you have very thick hair and need a little more hold, you can also strengthen the hairstyle with bobby pins. To do this, push the hair clips with the wavy side down into the outside of the bun and diagonally inwards towards the hair tie.

This is how it gets messy: For the undone look, you can hold the messy bun and loosen a few strands on the head. Finally, run the flat of your hand over the back of your neck to loosen any small hairs. Also pull out thinner strands at the temples. The same applies to the bun itself: Here too, you can loosen a few individual strands that casually fall out of the bun.

Beginner version 2

Tie your medium-length hair together with an elastic band so that a loop is created again. It doesn’t matter at what height. Now pull the hair elastic away from the roots, turn the loop downwards and through the middle again through the gap created between the roots and the elastic band. Pull the messy bun a little tight and loosen individual strands for the undone bun. The super simple bun is ready!

The messy bun instructions for advanced users

Anyone who has already tried the trend hairstyle several times can also try the professional version. It works even faster if you know how to do it.

Advanced variant 1

To do this, simply put your hair back into a ponytail at the back of your head. The elastic band is pulled once over the hair that you are currently holding in your hand. Instead of pulling the ponytail through the loop, leave the hair in that position and, with the hand in which you are holding the elastic band, twist the hair together with the elastic band towards your head twice. If you have longer hair, twirl it more often. Once the ponytail is twisted up to the ends of the hair, pull the wrapped hair in the other direction with the elastic band to create the bun. Pull individual strands here and there – the topknot is ready!

Advanced variant 2

Divide your hair into two strands and knot them together until only five to seven centimeters of the ends remain. Then pull your hair tie over your knotted hair until everything is secure. Here, too, you pull out individual strands a little in some places to create the messy bun look.

Professional tricks for the messy bun

  • It will be particularly gentle on your hair if you don’t use a classic hair tie, but rather a large, thick hair band or a Invisibobble chooses to create the bun.
  • Tip for thin hair: First lightly tease the fine strands of hair. This ensures more fullness in the bun.
  • Do you want a little more variety? Then just grab the top hair and create a little messy bun with it. Leave the bottom hair open.
  • If the hair is freshly washed, it often has little hold. A little bit Styling spray or Dry shampoo gives the mane more grip and hold.
  • If you have bangs, you can either leave them open or pin them back with bobby pins.
  • If you have thick or tangled hair, you can make things easier by styling buns upside down.
  • It is best not to comb your hair before styling. Then they are easier to grip.
  • If you want to give the bun a glamorous touch, you can of course use hair accessories and pimp up the bun with a hair chain, a brooch or something similar.

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