Meta continues to lay off en masse, but for what purpose?

Samir Rahmoun

March 07, 2023 at 3:15 p.m.


Mark Zuckerberg © Frederic Legrand - COMEO /

© Frederic Legrand – COMEO /

Meta will lay off several thousand employees in the coming days.

The firm led by Mark Zuckerberg is entering a new cycle, after a parenthesis where the group spent lavishly on projects such as the metaverse. And to launch this new era, the management will once again reduce the workforce.

Meta, the boss who turns

Until recently, Meta did not have a reputation as a company that easily fired its employees. Things changed in 2022, however, when the Californian firm followed the movement of its competitors like Google or Amazon and laid off some 11,000 people. A rather impressive movement, which we recently learned could have a sequel.

Information that is confirmed by several sources of Bloomberg. Meta will thus this week set up a new job cuts plan which will lead to the dismissal of several thousand people. A positive signal for the markets, with a 1.7% rise in the price during premarket trading on Tuesday in New York.

Efficiency, I write your name

This announcement did not surprise those who followed the speeches of the boss of the group Mark Zuckerberg. Indeed, in recent months, the billionaire has reiterated his desire to place the group under the sign of efficiency. And for this, the management wants on the one hand ” flatten » the hierarchy, in order to improve communications between the base and the top, and on the other hand to reduce the number of employees to achieve certain financial objectives.

This last ambition is the basis of the current layoffs. In this context, the management has asked the directors and vice-presidents to list the employees whose dismissal would not have a significant impact on the functioning of Meta. The leaders in charge of this restructuring should act quickly, in order to finalize the operations before the departure of Mark Zuckerberg on parental leave, at the birth of his third child.

Sources: Bloomberg, Neowin

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