Meta Quest 3 RUMOR: Tantalizing New Information Leaked

the Meta Quest 3indeed scheduled for 2023 according to the words of the American manufacturer, continues to be talked about via information discovered by the data miner (data miner) Samulia and posted by the YouTuber and analyst Brad Lynch. At first, thanks to the analysis of the update V43 at the end of last September, they had released information about the overall appearance and characteristics of the helmet VRthen in early October, speculation about the power of its chip as well as its power consumption. Today, thanks to the beta of the V49they bring us some crisp little details.

  • The Meta Quest 3 is expected to have a 4128×2208 pixel screen, or 2064×2208 per eye. This would offer a 30% increase in pixels compared to a Meta Quest 2 (or one Meta Quest Pro). The refresh rate, initially anticipated at 90 Hz, should be able to be 120 Hz by default according to the findings of Semalia at the heart of the lines of code.
  • Lenses should be of the type pancakesas for the Quest Pro. the FOV (field of vision) should, at best, be close to that of the latter.
  • LCD screens should be manufactured by the company JDI and, in case of high demand, also by BOE. the Local Diming – which provides better contrast to LCD screens, for short – would not be present as it is in the Meta Quest Pro.
  • The onboard chip should be a Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2. In effect, Samulia discovered in the firmware that the beast’s codename evolved from “Eureka865” to “Eureka”. For the little story, the number 865 was a reference to the SoCs of Meta Quest 2the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 1which is a variant of the chip for smartphones Snapdragon 865. Brad Lynch therefore believes that this will be the new chip of Qualcomm – still not officially announced – who will equip the Meta Quest 3 and he affirms it unconditionally through several tweets. Still according to him, this chip has already been sent to several companies, including Meta, and may well offer double the power.
  • Meta Quest 3 controllers (code name: Ruby) would not be equipped with three cameras and a chipsets built-in, allowing for a true stand-alone tracking system like those in the Meta Quest Pro. This possibility was initially considered by the leakers, but ultimately it wouldn’t. So there would be a ring (ring) with infrared LEDs so the headset can locate the controllers like on the Meta Quest 2 (and all other helmets VR 6DoF, by the way). For those who prefer this option, it will no doubt be possible to associate the Touch Pro as is already the case with the Meta Quest 2.

If these leaks turn out, the Meta Quest 3 would therefore have a boost enormous power and a significant gain in terms of the overall definition of its screen. On the sidelines, it risks suffering from potential competition that would offer what it actually lacks. To date, therefore, we are talking about the front battery, which does not balance the weight on the head, the soft or semi-rigid strap, which is clearly not the most comfortable solution, no local dimming to improve the image… In short, so many points that really leave the door open to PICOfor example, to propose a model (Pico 5 ?) better equipped. Unless the partnership between Meta and Qualcomm deprives the competition of this new chip. Anyway, we can’t wait to officially know the characteristics of Meta Quest 3 and especially to be able to play with it. To be continued.

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