Meta Quest 3: the VR headset will be much more powerful than its predecessor and not only thanks to its new chip!

If the Meta Quest 3 is announced as twice as powerful as its predecessor, it is partly thanks to the new chip Snapdragon XR 2 Gen 2 who the team, but not only. Indeed, heat dissipation would have a lot to do with it.

We know it, and much more on Meta Quest 2, high temperatures and insufficient heat dissipation severely limit performance stand-alone headsets. Aware of a possible overheating problem and as a precaution, Meta led many developers (via strict specifications) to create games well below the true power of the headsetwhich has, let’s face it, greatly contributed to the success of our optimization tool Quest Games Optimizer.

In a recent podcast, Andrew Bosworth, Technical Director of Metahas also spoken about the cooling system of the Meta Quest 3 :

You talked about increased power. A lot of it comes from that upgraded chipset, but that’s not the only place we get more power. We have also shown ingenuity in the thermal management of this device. […] It’s one of the most interesting pieces of engineering done on this helmet and you’ll never see it: it’s about how we handle heat, because that’s the real barrier for these helmets. […] We push the air through the small band visible all around the helmet. It’s a very smart way to merge design and functionality.

If level 5 has now been unlocked on the Meta Quest 2, it is because the firm had the necessary perspective to judge that the clamping could not have been necessary., no serious incident having occurred. In a country that has an easy trial, we clearly cannot blame the firm for having acted in this way. THE Meta Quest 3 will be noticeably less restrained than its elder. Is this for all that the announced end of HQ ? Clearly not, for many reasons:

  • HQ is a launcher much more practical than the basic one proposed by Meta ;
  • HQ allows to have several profiles (HD, HD+, Performance, battery-saving) in order to meet everyone’s needs;
  • HQ allows you to build a personalized profile. In other words, the player has everything he needs to stay in control of his experience.

We bet however that the developers will make the effort, for the oldest games of the storeto release both an update for the Meta Quest 2 and 3. Otherwise, you will always have Quest Games Optimizer to remedy.

Fancy a Meta Quest 2 ? You can afford it at the Fnac, Darty or Amazon for €449.99 (128 GB) or €549.99 (256 GB).

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