META QUEST PRO: the HOME of the next Meta helmet has been leaked and it is really superb!

Decidedly, the more the date of the Connect 2022 approaches, the more the number of leaks (or leaks) increase, today, it is for us to introduce you to the next environment planned for the Meta Quest Pro, codenamed Cascadia or Vista.

Here is a translation of what is said in this video:

It looks really cool. There are these elements (Editor’s note: a mobile) which seem to float in the air and a beautiful interior decoration. And if you turn around, you can see waterfalls and cascades, which probably gave it its name (Cascadia). There’s a nice nook by the fire where you can sit, well, you can’t really sit, but it would be really cool to sit here with a few friends in co-presence or whatever.

You also have a place to lay down and rest and plenty of general seating options. It is certainly one of the most beautiful environments I have ever seen, in any case it is one of my favorites with Desert Terrace (Editor’s note: the default environment of the Meta Quest 2) which I think also looks open like this with nice and clean models.

It’s a home environment that looks awesome. I have to admit that the environment designers at Meta really outdid themselves. The carpet is nice and clean. The leaves are in 3D on the ground. It’s really cool.

You will probably recognize it, it is Basti564famous leaker from Meta Quest who gives us both his impressions and the file APK allowing access to the environment described in his video. Know that we will share our impressions during the live this Sunday, September 25:

Hoping it’s much more glorious than in the video below:

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