Meta Quest: v54 update brings custom Skyboxes, app notifications, and more…

The next update will feature many cosmetic and functional improvements, players will be able to customize the skies of their environments, enjoy new notifications for 2D apps, and better controller tracking Meta Quest Pro.

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Introduced as an experimental feature, it will be possible for owners of Meta Quest 2 and Pro to modify the sky of their personal environments, either by choosing those offered by Metaor by choosing your own. To activate this feature, it will be necessary to find the Custom display option of the Skybox in the menu Experimental parametersthen in the tab personalization where you will have the possibility to download some preinstalled themes or put your own. Meta recommends a 360 degree JPG or PNG file measuring 6144×3160 pixels. Be careful though, you will be the only one to see your Skyboxif you invite your friends, they won’t see any of your changes!

  • Notifications for 2D applications

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You used to talk about Messengerthe conversational application of Facebook ? Well, you will now be able to get notifications (push) on your headset, a feature welcome, because it allows you not to necessarily remove your headset to follow your discussionstaking care beforehand to warn your interlocutors to favor this channel when you use VR. For each 2D application installed, the user will have the choice whether or not to accept said notificationsan excellent choice, which should also be mandatory on all terminals androidso much the overdose of notifications harms the concentration.

Speaking of focus, all apps that accept notifications will be able to appear in the quick actions menu, allowing players to quickly interact with them. If you want to disable notifications on some apps, or even on all of them, it will be possible. On the example above appears the name, the photo of the interlocutor as well as the text of the message, practical and effective.

  • Improved Meta Quest Pro controller tracking

meta quest pro controllers

A faster start of the Meta Quest Pro controllers as well as a better precision will be effective with this v54providing real comfort of use for helmet users.

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