Metavers: the first manifestation in VR took place in the game Decentraland

The very first demonstration has just taken place in the metaverse. The event, organized by the organization Superfluous collected many avatars in the game Decentraland. Protesters gathered in front of the giant’s virtual store Samsung opened last January, based on the architecture of its physical store located in New York, in which the giant had notably presented its next flagship, the Galaxy S22. All participants proudly wore the same t-shirt on which we can read MoneyFestationwhich is none other than the name of the work of badalovAzerbaijani poet and artist, in order to denounce consumerism and capitalism.

The protesters were not equipped with stones or any projectiles, but with signs on which the slogan “I Have A Scream” was displayed, in reference to “I Have A Dream” by Martin Luther King. The protest was uneventful and everyone returned home in one piece.

Joking aside, the metaverse is an excellent playground for letting people express their convictionsand, even if it is decried by many, it could be that in a few years it will become a very important vector of information and values, because it is accessible to the greatest number of people on all platforms. It is therefore a part of our world that can no longer be neglected or left aside.

When will the demonstrations of the SNCF and some RATP in the metaverse ?

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