Metroid Prime Remastered: Nintendo slammed for not crediting original team names

The surprise release of Metroid Prime Remastered during the last Nintendo Direct will have put a lot of balm in the hearts of many people, who were impatient to rediscover this now cult FPS. And if this remaster has been well received by the public and critics, an important detail has been pointed out many times: the lack of credits for the original team that worked on Metroid Prime. Former Retro Studios employees, such as Zoid Kirsch or Jack Mathews, have rightly pointed this out.

Let’s give back to Caesar…

Problems related to credits in video games, we unfortunately see more and more of them. We don’t really know if “oversights” are increasing or if the public is simply more alert on the issue, but lately there have been more and more cases, like The Callisto Protocol to name just one.

The latest example is on the side of Metroid Prime Remasteredwhere only a sign thanking the original team (as a whole) is shown in the credits. Names of people who worked on the base game, as well as its Wii version, are uncredited. A voluntary omission which does not honor the original artists and which therefore raises a lot of legitimate criticism.

Hopefully Nintendo hears this and fixes it by adding the names of the people involved with the project at the time who deserve credit for their work, even 20 years later.

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