Métropole de Lyon Descours & Cabaud: how the oldest group in Lyon is building its future

The industry trade

This is undoubtedly the historical sector of the group. The first beginnings date back to 1782, when the trader specialized in the distribution of metals, then launched its first international subsidiary, setting sail, in 1883, in Argentina.

Today, this activity based on industrial professions is grouped together in the Dexis network, which distributes, pell-mell, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), sealing solutions, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic transmissions, respiratory protection, anti-fall etc.

Products, solutions, aimed at players in the food industry, chemicals, automotive, cosmetics, etc.

An activity which generated, last year, 1.3 billion euros in turnover, compared to 2020.

With 220 locations in Europe, including 67 in France, the Dexis network aims, according to William de Pinieux, new CEO of the Descours & Cabaud group, “to support its customers…

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