Metropolis of Lyon Gastronomy: Jérémy Biasiol wants to become the 1st disabled Best Worker in France

It was in July 2019 that the incredible life (see elsewhere) of this Villeurbannais rocked. He was then in Belle-Île-en-Mer in Brittany, when he had a stroke in the brainstem.

The left part of his body no longer responds. Vision, hearing, mobility and even diabetes: everything is affected. After 15 days of resuscitation in Vannes, he returned to his parents in Lyon, where he did his rehabilitation for many months.

At the time, the former professional cook no longer wanted to hear about cooking. Until one day he sees a hemiplegic chef on television and the desire returns. Little by little, Jérémy relearns all the gestures, with less dexterity in his left arm and more fatigue.

cooking therapy

He launched the “À Vos Casseroles” account, on which he posted his recipes and promoted his idea of ​​setting up “kitchen therapy” workshops, adapted to each disability. He…

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