Metropolitan RERs: did Macron get carried away?

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The president announced in a video the creation of ten RER in France. Heavy investments, some of which have already been in the pipeline for a long time.

By Audrey Emery

Metropolitan RER: did Macron get carried away?
Metropolitan RERs: did Macron get carried away? © ARNAUD PAILLARD / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP

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Iinfo or intox? Anxious to show that his second five-year term will be very ecological and always fond of surprise statements, Emmanuel Macron took everyone by surprise on Sunday evening, announcing on YouTube the creation of regional RERs in ten metropolises. “To fulfill our ecological ambition, explained the Head of State, I want us to have a great national ambition. […] Where there are thrombosis, where there is too much traffic, where travel is complicated, we must adopt an urban transport strategy, and this is a great objective for ecology, the economy, quality of life. Between the rise in fuel prices and the establishment of socially flammable low-emission zones, the President of the Republic has every interest in showing that he is…

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