Mette-Marit and Haakon: That’s why they fell in love

Mette-Marit and Haakon
That’s why they fell in love with each other

20 years of happy marriage: Mette-Marit and Haakon

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In an interview, Mette-Marit and Haakon remembered the beginnings of their love to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary.

August 25, 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the wedding anniversary of Mette-Marit (47) and Haakon (48) from Norway. On the occasion of this great day, the crown prince couple at Norwegian radio station NRK now talked about his great love for each other.

Mette-Marit describes, among other things, how the feelings for her husband began: “He saw me. He understood me. He was curious. He held me.” Even her chronic lung disease, which the royal family announced in 2018, would have strengthened her love, as Mette-Marit describes. It is important that she not only have to define herself as the Crown Princess, but primarily be Mette.

“You can tell immediately when she enters a room”

The Crown Prince also explains what fascinated him about his wife from the beginning: “You can tell immediately when Mette enters a room. There is a power there that cannot be overlooked.” It feels safe to be with her. The fact that she had a child when they first met in 1999 would not have deterred him. On the contrary: “That actually only told me that she was not afraid to take on commitment and responsibility.”

The last 1.5 years of the pandemic would have done Mette-Marit good, as she also said in the interview: “For me it was an opportunity to take a break that I would otherwise not have had. For me, being chronically ill means a Having a guilty conscience for everything I can’t do. This year I didn’t have to define myself as sick to keep my life together. ” Corona was a way for her to rest without feeling guilty.

Mette-Marit and Haakon tied the knot on August 25, 2001 in Oslo. They have two children, Sverre Magnus from Norway (15) and Ingrid Alexandra from Norway (17).