Miasma Chronicles: The Bearded Ladies (Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden) unveils its next game via an intriguing teaser

As a one more thing to his Spring 2022 Showcase which will probably not have excited the crowds for lack of major games, 505 Games nevertheless presented a project that caught our attention, as soon as its developer was announced: The Bearded Ladies. The Swedes to whom we owe Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden then did it again by launching the strategy game in 2020 Bribery 2029 and will be back soon with some Miasma Chronicles.

For the moment, only a cinematic teaser trailer allows you to discover this project with a post-apocalyptic atmosphere visibly so dear to the studio. We discover there the main character of the adventure, a certain Elvis, as he attempts to open a portal by wielding a strange glove inherited from his mother, apparently stuck on the other side. Except that the attempt does not work… It will be accompanied by a robot called Diggs who nicknames him “little brother” twice, suggesting that he is more than a machine.

For the rest, it will be necessary to iron, but the visuals below depict different environments of a futuristic world in ruins. We can also distinguish the two characters trying to be discreet, with what seems to be a potential enemy. So, will the studio play the strategic role-playing game again? Wait & see.

Miasma Chronicles 02 17 05 2022Miasma Chronicles 03 17 05 2022 Miasma Chronicles 04 17 05 2022

What is certain is that we will have to wait, because Miasma Chronicles won’t be released until 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC (Steam and Epic Games Store). Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is he still available on GOG.comwith a demo if you want to try it.

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