Michael B. Jordan: Actor calls Hollywood Dream Factory to rethink


Like many other stars, Hollywood star Michael B. Jordan (33) campaigns for the "Black Lives Matter" movement. However, expressing his support on social media is not enough for the actor. He walks on the street. He was at the forefront of a protest in Los Angeles on Saturday, even speaking as a speaker, as reported by "The Hollywood Reporter". His appeal: insistent and unmistakable.

Some of his previous film roles would have made Jordan think about racial injustice and inequality more often. Above all, his involvement as Oscar Grant in the film "Next stop: Fruitvale Station" will not get him out of his head. In 2009, a 22-year-old unarmed African American Grant was shot and killed by a police officer. When Jordan took on the role of a man, this gave him the opportunity to "feel the pain of his family, his daughter, his mother". "I have lived with it for a long time and it still weighs on me," said the actor with a megaphone aimed at the crowd.


Something has to change in Hollywood

The 33-year-old craves change. Not only on the street, but also in the Hollywood dream factory itself. He therefore asked film studios and artist agencies to "invest more in black employees". In his opinion, it is part of the job of any "great agent" to "work for relationships with filmmakers".

The actor encouraged the local people: "What we do today will make our values ​​and our voices heard." And as long as there is no improvement in sight, "we must not be negligent. We cannot simply let this moment pass. We must continue to put our feet on her neck."