Michael Douglas: Hollywood star likes to swing his hips on Fridays

Michael Douglas
Hollywood star likes to swing her hips on Fridays

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, here in London, have been married since 2000.

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Even at the age of 79, Michael Douglas is apparently extremely active. The star likes to welcome the weekend with a little dance.

It’s not just the “Let’s Dance” candidates on RTL who like to dance into the weekend on Friday. World star Michael Douglas (79) also swings his hips. He has that now revealed to the US magazine “People”. However, the actor doesn’t seem to quite reach the level of dance that some of the German celebrities present. He owes the fact that the whole thing looks reasonably good to his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones (54), to whom he has been married for more than 20 years.

“I tend to crank up the music and dance around on Fridays,” Douglas says. The 79-year-old was also “a little intimidated because my wife is a pretty extraordinary dancer. I have a few swing moves, the spin. She makes me look good.”

And what else are the two of them up to?

The couple, who have their two adult children Dylan (23) and Carys (20), also spend a lot of time together – for example on the golf course. Golf is one of the actor’s secret vices and luckily Zeta-Jones also loves the sport.

And now that their home nest is empty, the two no longer have to feel guilty about their children. Douglas loves going out as a couple with his wife. For example, the two meet couples who are friends on dinner dates, such as the actress Carol Burnett (90) and her husband Brian.

But we still go on vacation with the kids, as Douglas recently said. Last December, the family traveled to India, as he did back then shown on Instagram has.


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