Michael Goldman, dad, “got yelled at by his daughters” because of a student

While Marie-Maud has just left the castle this Saturday following her elimination, it was during a live Twitch stream with a former candidate that she took stock of her adventure. A live during which she also made revelations about her former director, Michael Goldman and how he attracted the anger of his daughters.

While the new season of star Academy continues its course, this Saturday evening the third live bonus of the program was broadcast. A bonus during which the nominees gave their all and which saw young Marie-Maud leave the competition. While during the evaluations it was her partner, Héléna, who made the director of the academy, Michael Goldman, lose his temper, it was ultimately Marie-Maud who bore the brunt of the other candidates since she did not was not saved on waivers.

Very sad to leave the program and her comrades, Marie-Maud spoke the day after this elimination on her networks: “ I have absolutely no regrets and this is the start of a new story for me. I hope you will write these pages alongside me. Thank you to the whole team for the support and their incredible kindness. » She writes before continuing in a joking tone “ And above all, stay bitter!“. Shortly after, the young woman participated in the Twitch live of a former winner of thestar Academy(season 7) and recognized DJ, Quentin Mosimann.

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The young woman’s revelations about her director, Michael Goldman

If initially, the DJ asked all the questions from his subscribers to Marie-Maud mainly relating to love stories in the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys, the budding singer made a revelation to which no one was aware. ‘was waiting. Indeed, if we know practically nothing about the life of the director of thestar AcademyMichael Goldman, apart from the fact that he is the son of singer Jean-Jacques Goldman, the young girl revealed that he was the father of two little girls who were fans of the TF1 program.

Information she gave by explaining that the two little girls would disagree with their father on the choice of the week’s nominations. Indeed, during the live, Marie-Maud would have indicated that Michael Goldman would have been “shout» by his daughters after his appointment. Information that Internet users were quick to note on X: “PTDRRR Marie Maud on her Twitch live she said that Michaël Goldman told her that his daughters had yelled at him when he nominated her because they were fans of her“. A difficult role to assume at home, especially when you have two little girls who follow the show assiduously.

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