Michael Schumacher ruined? His wife is selling their house: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

A heartbreak for the wife of the former Formula 1 driver. Seven years after the terrible ski accident in Michael schumacher, since paralyzed in a wheelchair and deprived of speech, his family tries to block as best they can. For Corinna Schumacher, the pilot’s wife for twenty-five years, protecting her husband from the prying eyes of photographers has always been a priority. So much so that fans of the German pilot have never really heard of his aftermath. A mystery that has surrounded the Schumacher family for years, but which has not stopped the newspaper Bunte to get hold of essential information. According to the German daily, Corinna Schumacher would have put their family home up for sale in Gland in Switzerland.

Annual medical care estimated at 10 million euros

It is a luxurious residence of more than 20,000m2, located a stone’s throw from Lake Geneva in Switzerland, in which Michael Schumacher continues his convalescence and his rehabilitation sessions out of sight for years. However, the medical team surrounding the seven-time Formula 1 world champion, who is said to be composed of fifteen people per week, has a cost … According to Bunte, the wife of “Schumi” would have decided to part with it to ensure this daily care without incident. Purchased 3.5 million euros several years ago, Corinna Schumacher would now sell the domain for the sum of 5.87 million euros. A sum that could help the wife of the Red Baron for a few more years …

In 2016, the Italian newspaper The Gazzetta dello Sport believed that the Schumacher family disbursed no less than 191,000 euros per week to ensure the daily care given to “Schumi”. An estimated budget of 10.2 million euros per year. For this, Corinna Schumacher did not hesitate to tap into her husband’s fortune, estimated at more than 700 million euros, but also to resell valuable goods such as the family jet, sold for 35 million euros or their second home in Norway, resold for 2.9 million euros. Sacrifices made out of love for her husband, who is priceless.

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