Michael Wendler and Laura Müller: First statement on the Norberg name dispute


Michael Wendler and Laura Müller no longer want to leave the argument about their surname uncommented and comment on it for the first time.

After the civil wedding of Michael Wendler (48, "Zero Hour") and his Laura Müller (19), the two real names are Michael and Laura Norberg. The name question had caused a lot of fuss beforehand. Wendler's ex-wife Claudia Norberg (49) had appealed to Müller not to take her name – to no avail. After the wedding, the 49-year-old then teased more often in the direction of the singer and his friends. They obviously don't want to leave it uncommented anymore and take a stand for the first time.

"We will always appear publicly as Laura Müller and Michael Wendler. And everything else is private," the singer explains in an interview with the RTL broadcaster. And Laura Müller adds: "The biggest compliment is to be called like his husband. We are connected. We are one." In any case, it was clear to Wendler from the start that he didn't want to be called anything else than his daughter.

The singer is actually born Michael Skowronek. The daughter Adeline (18) was born in 2002 before the wedding to Claudia Norberg and therefore automatically got her mother's last name. The Wendler, who wanted to be called like his daughter, had therefore also entered the family name Norberg for the wedding and even asked Claudia's father at the time for permission to use the family name.